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About Emulators.com

Privately owned Branch Always Software, also known online as Emulators.com, has over the past 30 years developed and contributed to various virtual machine products for MS-DOS, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms. We contribute to open source emulators such as Bochs, and our products - Gemulator, SoftMac, and Fusion PC - deliver extremely fast emulation of classic Apple Macintosh and Atari ST computers. Our emulators are ideal for those individuals making the switch from Mac to PC and wishing to preserve an investment in Macintosh software. We've known for years that the best way to run Atari and Macintosh software is on low cost commodity PCs. Even Apple themselves now have punted on PowerPC and switched their entire product line over to Intel processor, making the Mac not only the best wasy to run current Windows and Mac OS X software, but also a great platform to run emulators on.

Why emulation? We strongly believe in the concept of having one computer that runs it all. Since being founded as "Branch Always Software" in 1986 and later being renamed to "Emulators.com" we have been developing software based emulation solutions with little or no loss in speed. Emulation brings the functionality of your classic Atari or classic Macintosh computer to your PC!

Save money! Emulation is a great way to cut hardware costs, especially in schools and businesses where it can ease the pain of cross-platform computing in a mixed Mac/PC environment. With emulation, older Macs can gradually be replaced over time with Windows based PCs as new PCs are purchased and the software migrated from the older Macs to the new PC. No sudden switch-over required! Our SoftMac XP product line, optimized for Windows XP and the Pentium 4 processor, makes copying files between Mac and PC disks a trivial drag-and-drop operation and allows sharing of Macintosh files across a network of PCs.

But isn't emulation slow? Emulation has traditionally had the stigma of being very slow, unfortunately due to poor implementations. Our emulators were designed and developed by electrical engineers and from day one have been fast and efficient. Our emulators deliver close to real-time performance entirely in software, without the need for expensive co-processor boards as with some other emulators. Our unique emulation techniques, which debunk a lot of hype and misinformation about the need for costly new "hardware virtualization", were published and presented at the ISCA 2008 conference, the IEEE's annual conference on computer architecture.

Ready for Windows 7 and Windows 10: Our Gemulator 9.0 and SoftMac 9.0 releases for Windows 7 and later push the envelope even further with technology which can deliver faster than real-time emulation of Motorola 680x0 series processors taking advantage of the high bus bandwidth architecture and large L2 cache size of today's Intel and AMD processors.

Ready for ARM64 and new generation of 64-bit always-on always-connected PCs: New touch-capable versions of our products are currently being developed for Windows 10 and ARM64 tablets, starting with the recently released Xformer 10 Atari 8-bit emulator for 64-bit Windows on Intel and ARM64 in 2018, and our port of the Hatari Atari ST emulator to Windows on ARM64 in 2019.

Always free! We follow the Linux philosophy of allowing our software and source to be downloaded free of charge from our web site.

Contacting Emulators.com

Mailing address: For U.S. Post, UPS, DHL, or FedEx deliveries, for sending payment, or for trading in hardware, our shipping address is:

Darek Mihocka, Emulators.com
139 Charles Street, PMB 133
Boston, MA 02114

General inquiries, comments, or product feedback for Gemulator and SoftMac, contact me (Darek Mihocka) by email at: emulators@outlook.com.

For matters specifically related to the Xformer 10 Atari 8-bit emulator for Windows please email xformer@gmail.com and either I or Danny Miller will respond.

AboutAnnouncementsXformer - Atari 8-bit emulationGemulator - Atari ST EmulationFREE DOWNLOADSEmulators Online Home PageSoftMac and Fusion PC - Apple Macintosh emulationDirty Little SecretsShow Schedule

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